Saint Paul Parish is a Catholic faith community that began as a school in 1931 under the direction of Saint. Peter’s Parish and was “indeed good news” following the explosion of 1917, which damaged a large part of North End Dartmouth. Saint Paul Parish was designated in 1941, with the church officially opened in 1949.


In the forward written by Father Arthur Gouthro, S.A. for the book  “The History of St. Paul’s Church” we read: “The story of St. Paul’s Parish, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, is one of courage, sacrifice, joys, sorrows, and faithfulness to our Roman Catholic heritage.” Since the publication of the book and in keeping with the Archbishop’s Pastoral Letter, we can also add Mission, Community, and Formation to describe the life of the parish.


Fr. Arthur also stated “Saint. Paul" has become that model of local Church envisioned by the Second Vatican Council – one that thrives to involve the laity in all aspects of ecclesial life.” This is very evident in the parishioners who have taken on responsible roles in the many committees, ministries, and events that take place at the parish throughout the year and in the contributions made by parishioners when a need is identified, whether  for the church or for the community of North End Dartmouth.


The parishioners of Saint Paul Parish know that what they do,  they do for the Glory of God!


Our vision is to impact and renew the North-end Dartmouth and beyond with the transforming message of Jesus Christ through words and actions.


Saint Paul Parish is a faith community rooted in the Gospels and the teachings of the Catholic Church.


Gratefully accepting our gifts from God and sharing those for the common good, in a spirit of joy, through collaborative ministries, we strive to live out the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

Find Yourself In Christ Jesus 


Together with the fellowship and the worship (whether on Sunday, during the week, or praying the rosary Wednesday night) Saint Paul Parish provides you with the opportunity to discover the “best version of yourself". God calls you to enrich your knowledge of Him found in the many books and videos found in the parish library. Explore at your leisure.  

Come and experience how God helps you to “Find yourself in Christ Jesus".


Saint Paul Parish is a faith-filled Roman Catholic community of the Archdiocese of Halifax/Yarmouth and is committed to our Vision and Mission statement. 


197 Windmill Rd
Dartmouth, NS B3A 1G1


Telephone: 902 463-5897


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