Saint Paul Parish is here to serve the parishioners, all those seeking to become a parishioner and those in need of information. This page will provide you with the means to contact us. Know that we will respond to your request in a timely manner.

Parishioner Registration

Are you interested in registering as a member of the Saint Paul Parish community? You may call the office, email us or fill out your information below to register.


Please provide your name, address, a contact telephone number, and the names of your family members attending Saint Paul Parish.


Please indicate if you would like to receive envelopes or take advantage of the pre-authorized payment program for regular weekly donations.

Sacramental Records Enquiries


If you are in need of a copy of your baptismal or wedding certificate please contact the office by phone or email. You may contact the office via phone (902-499-3386) or email the office at:



Parents requesting the sacrament of baptism for their child must attend a “Baptismal Preparation Session”. Please email your request to the parish office. The Parish administrator will contact you to arrange a meeting.


If you are requesting a baptismal certificate it would be important to have the following information ready:

1. Name of the baptized

2. Date of Birth

3. Parents Names (including mothers maiden name).


If you know the name of the sponsors (also called Godparents) and the name of the celebrant of the sacrament that would also be helpful but not necessary.



A one year notice is required to schedule a wedding. The couple must complete a marriage preparation course prior to the wedding date. Please email the office to request a meeting with the Parish Administrator to review the requirements for marriage in the Catholic church, set a date for the marriage preparation course and book your wedding date.


If you are requesting proof of marriage please provide:

1. Name of the Bride (including maiden name)

2. Name of the Groom

3. Date of the Wedding (including year)

4. Names of the witnesses (Best Man and Maid of Honor) and if possible the name of the celebrant of the sacrament.


Please allow two weeks to fourteen days for processing. We will need your name and contact number in case there are questions.


If you are not picking up the documents please provide a mailing address. We cannot fax or email the information because official copy requires a seal on the document.



Please call the Parish Administrator (902-499-3386) immediately upon the death of your family member. A meeting is required to arrange the liturgy and schedule the funeral.


During office hours: 10 am - 2 pm



In case of emergency

197 Windmill Rd
Dartmouth, NS B3A 1G1



Saint Paul Parish is a faith-filled Roman Catholic community of the Archdiocese of Halifax/Yarmouth and is committed to our Vision and Mission statement. 


197 Windmill Rd
Dartmouth, NS B3A 1G1


Telephone: 902 463-5897

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