We are delighted that you selected Saint Paul Parish to celebrate your union. Marriage is a Sacrament which celebrates God's presence in the union of a man and a woman. The union itself is ordered for the selfless love and support of the spouses and for the procreation and education of children. 


Before a date is confirmed the necessary inquiry papers must be obtained and approved. A meeting with the clergy will NOT secure the wedding date. Please review all the information provided here for your wedding preparation.

We have outlined a few steps for your consideration in planning your wedding day.

Required Information

Please provide the following information in order to secure your booking of the church and prepare for your meeting with the Priest/Deacon.


To register, contact our office via phone (902-499-3386) or email at


  • Full names, addresses, phone numbers & email addresses.

  • Desired Wedding date and time - this is the date you are requesting; it is not confirmed until you have met with a priest or deacon and paid the $150.00 deposit.

  • Religions - if both Catholic, are you confirmed? If not Catholic please indicate what Rite you were baptized in.

  • Are you currently a practicing Catholic, currently a member of a parish? If so, please indicate your place of worship.

  • Has either of you been previously married? If so, please provide details.

  • If not parishioners please explain why you are choosing the parish as the church to celebrate your marriage.

  • Confirm you have been informed of the fee for use of the church ($350.00 for non-parishioner, $250.00 for parishioner), and are ready to provide a $150.00 non-refundable deposit upon initial meeting with our  Deacon.

  • Confirm you have been informed of the honorarium for the priest/deacon presiding at your wedding (suggested minimum amount $100.00).

  • Confirm you are aware that couples are required to take a Marriage Preparation Course and that you will be registering for an upcoming course.

  • If you live outside of Dartmouth, you are responsible to meet with a Priest in your area and have him handle your pre-marital investigation and forward the paperwork to the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth. Please provide the name of the Priest and Parish that will be forwarding your paperwork.

  • In you are planning to have a Priest witness the marriage other than the Administrator of Saint Paul Parish, the "Priest of choice” is to be named in the pre-marital documents which are sent to the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Halifax/Yarmouth.

Setting a Wedding Date

The first item you should attend to is to schedule a time for the wedding. Weddings at Saint Paul Parish can be booked for any day of the week except Sunday and for any reasonable time as agreed by the clergy witnessing the wedding.


Weddings are NOT celebrated on Sundays and are discouraged during Lent. The schedule of activities at the Parish does not allow an exception to the outlined times.


Wedding dates are not confirmed until the necessary papers are prepared and approved by the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Halifax/Yarmouth.

Pre-marital Investigation

In order to be married both parties must meet all of the requirements of both the civil and ecclesiastical law. If a person has been married before it is essential that this is disclosed immediately. In certain situations, a person may be required to obtain an annulment before he or she may validly marry in the Catholic Church. In these circumstances, no date for any future wedding may be booked until further notice. 

Leading up to your wedding you will meet with a priest or deacon several times. These meetings will allow you as a couple to get to know the clergy member that will celebrate your wedding ceremony, as well as fulfill in a timely manner all the necessary pre-marital requirements.


At Saint Paul Parish the first meeting is scheduled one year prior to the date of the wedding. 

Marriage Preparation Course

It is required that all couples enroll in a marriage preparation course prior to their wedding. This course provides couples the opportunity to explore a variety of topics together in preparation for their married life.


There are courses offered at a variety of times throughout the year, please contact our office via phone (902-499-3386) or email at .

Civil Marriage License

You will need to arrange for a civil marriage license from the Province of Nova Scotia. It can be obtained from any HRM office. Please call (902) 490-4000 for locations.


The license, once purchased, consists of two forms that are to be dropped off at the Parish Office no later than one month prior to the wedding.

Marriage Liturgies

There are two different liturgies for weddings in the Catholic Church:

One liturgy includes a Mass when both the Bride and Groom are in communion with the Church and have decided to celebrate the Eucharist as part of their wedding.


The second liturgy applies to a mixed marriage or a marriage of one Catholic and one non-baptized person. The liturgy is does not include the Eucharist, using only the Rite of Marriage liturgy.


Upon meeting with the Priest / Deacon you will have the opportunity to discuss all aspects of your ceremony.

Required Documents and Information

Baptismal Certificates: Catholic parties will require a Baptismal certificate dated within 6 months. A new copy can be obtained by contacting your church of Baptism. Non-catholic parties are asked to provide proof of Baptism, but a recent copy is not required. A letter from the church of Baptism or copy of the original certificate will meet this requirement. 


Affidavit: Those of other religious denominations or those who are not baptized will be asked to provide two witnesses to sign an affidavit on their behalf stating the individual is free to marry. 

Proof of Marriage Preparation: Upon completion of the marriage preparation course you will be issued a certificate. A copy of this is required for your file. 


Civil Marriage License: The civil license and certificate accompanied by the registration form are required to be dropped off at the Parish Office at least one month prior to the wedding date. 


Pre-marital Inquiry: An official church document filled out with you by a priest or deacon. The document collects personal information as well as other information pertaining to the fulfillment of the ecclesiastical law. You will be expected to provide information about yourselves, family members, and those you have chosen as witnesses (best man and maid of honor).​

When you meet the Clergy member please be prepared to provide the following information for your file: Parent’s birthplaces, mother’s maiden names, witnesses addresses.


Saint Paul Parish is a faith-filled Roman Catholic community of the Archdiocese of Halifax/Yarmouth and is committed to our Vision and Mission statement. 


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